Saga Volume 1 TP

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples Vaughan's newest project is about parenting. No, really. It's about two people, whose species are at war with one another, and who are trying to raise their newborn baby girl in a violent universe. Vaughan's story is surprisingly heartfelt; the story is about personal sacrifices and familial nobility rather than your typical slash-'em-up dystopian novel. Marko and Alana will do anything to protect their family, and the contrast of that to the rest of the world's gritty violence is what makes this so original. MOST IMPORTANTLY: Vaughan's world is full of characters--military squadrons, ghosts, slave traders, and bounty hunters--and they all get fleshed-out backstories. Not even the bounty hunters, who are chasing down these new parents, are written as stock villains. They have passions, fears, and morals just like all of the other characters. This is a fantastic opening novel, and I'm already jazzed about the next installment.