The Sound and the Fury

The Sound and the Fury - I hate giving this two stars--because Faulkner is brilliant, and I truly believe that this novel is an example of that. The problem? The Sound and the Fury is one of those great novels that is so complicated and shrewd that... I don't fully understand it. This definitely demands a reread. The narrative was divided between a few narrators, and one third-person limited POV, and it takes turns ruminating over a traumatic stretch of time in the Compson family unit. It goes between the deep South and Harvard; it bounces between storylines that are seemingly unrelated, yet somehow connect by the story's end; and it gets into the minds of characters like Benji and Jason, who have such intense personalities that the story clashes in their differing perspectives. Though, one note: Dilsey should win a medal in Saintlike Endurance of Crazy-People. I understand that this novel is something outstanding, something original and different. But did I enjoy reading it? No. Again, I'm hoping that rereading it with change my mind. This novel, right now, is probably just over my head.