Tokyo Heist

Tokyo Heist - Diana  Renn There were some pros to this book. (This is why I hate not having half-stars.) The narrator liked to piece things together, she was passionate, and she enjoyed Japanese culture. Also, who doesn't love a mystery? This isn't a rant-y review. In fact, I'm going to try to read this book later, to see if it was just the mood I was in or other external pressures that distracted me from the story, but overall I had difficulty getting through this. The writing was a bit underdeveloped. Some of the dialogue was clunky; the side characters, who all seemed one-dimensional compared to the narrator, dropped in and out of the story at the convenience of the plot; the mystery was not very believable and frustrated me with overexplanation. Again, I am going to try to reread this and maybe re-review it, but this was relatively disappointing.