Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones - Craig Silvey I'll keep this as non-spoilery as possible. The book is about a boy named Charlie who is visited one night by the town sensation, Jasper Jones. Jasper has a poor reputation, and is known only through the rumors that spread throughout Corrigan. But as Charlie gets to know Jasper, and realize that most of the town isn't as innocent as he thought, everything he knows gets thrown into question. Jeffrey was my favorite character, and when you read it you'll see why. I didn't completely understand the appeal of Eliza, who spent more time looking stoic than emoting in this book. But I did find Charlie's crush on her very cute. The conflict was so extreme, and so messy, that I was looking forward to how Silvey would either extricate Charlie or redeem Jasper. To be honest, I was a little disappointed. While some of the surprises threw me for a loop, I saw the biggest change coming. Some of the trouble in the story could have resolved in a different way. I thought that the final finish in the book was a little too quick. Overall, I did like the story but some of the tension needed a different solution.