Stoner & Spaz

Stoner & Spaz - Ron Koertge This is one of the best books I have ever read. Ben is a hilarious and heartfelt narrator. He doesn't downplay his condition, or turn on the people close to him in frustration. He lives with cerebral palsy, and uses humor as a way to dealing with the people around him. I'm uncomfortable with love stories, generally-speaking. Some of them are very formulaic, some have very unlikeable couples, and the ending is usually clear. But Koertge does this story right and he does it well. Colleen is a great match for Ben. She is a little arrogant, and even condescends to him; but Ben is as smart as she is, and his innocence pulls her into a likeable light. In fact, in a way, Ben's attachment to her makes her such a great character. He sees Colleen as fascinating, as a good person, and she attempts to live up to his expectations. Their relationship is beautifully complicated, and while the book is short, I found it to be an intense and impressive love story.