The Magicians: A Novel

The Magicians - Lev Grossman Disclaimer: This might get a little spoilery. My expectations for this book were a little high. Everyone I know raved about it--and several of my favorite author complimented it as well--so I went into it hoping for a great story. And the story wasn't too bad. I thought that the set-up was a little too similar to Harry Potter, but there were significant differences in the plots. There were a lot of offhand fairytale references, which I thought was cool to read and very creative. The problem was the narrator. I don't mind complicated protagonists, or even unlikeable narrators; but at times his emotions and his loyalties would switch so quickly, and for very little reason, that I had a hard time staying in his head. I did find him interesting. In fact, he is such a warped and obsessive person that I wondered whether the book's whole plot was happening in his head. However, I admit that there were a few fantastic characters, and I often wished I was reading the novel from their perspective, rather than Quentin's.