Maze Runner

The Maze Runner - James Dashner

This story follows the perspective of Thomas, the newest addition to the Glade (or "Greenie"). Everything is a mystery: where exactly he is, why he is there, and why they victims of the Glade are constantly under attack. While the concept seemed really interesting before I picked up the book, I really didn't enjoy this story itself.
      The real problem I have is this: the writing recycles. Thomas would think something--usually along the lines of "I was so confused"--and the book would follow up, " 'I'm so confused,' Thomas said." The language is very simple, and any time something seems to veer onto more complex ground, the pacing slows to a near halt; in addition, in these moments, Thomas becomes a very annoying plot-dump character. If Thomas intuited more, and spent less time being the Pointing Arrow of Plot, I feel like I would enjoy the book more. I feel like I am being spoon-fed the material, and I don't think there is a ever a time in the story when I need this excessive explaining