Blankets - Craig Thompson

Blankets starts out with Craig as a young boy in Wisconsin, growing up in a fundamentalist Christian household. He deals with his family, his bullies, his hyper-religious community, and falling in love, all the while struggling to fit into God's kingdom. I'm not particularly spiritual, but I related to Craig's attempts to fit passion and religious expectations.
     The illustrations are fantastic! I really liked Thompson's imagination, and how he works his fantasies into the grittier drawings. While I wasn't sure about how some of the relationships were wrapped up at the end of the story, I liked the way it was told. Some people mentioned the spiritual undertones in the story, but I didn't sense an agenda while reading. This is just the author's story of his childhood home. But because this was such a personal story, this might have been why the conclusion didn't tie neatly together. I expected more pages with Phil, rather than Raina or with his parents. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this story.