Sense and Sensibility (Barnes & Noble Classics)

Sense and Sensibility - Laura Engel, Jane Austen The first time I read this, I gave it three stars. But, rereading it, I've adjusted my perspective. I really enjoyed the dual protagonists, Elinor and Marianne, and the way their personalities clashed. They had a very realistic sibling relationship, and they balanced each other out very well. This is one of the grimmest Austen novels I've read. While she stayed with the ladies' perspectives, a lot of surprisingly gritty incidents took place: there's a duel, sex out of wedlock, unplanned pregnancies, and a whole storyline concerning a fallen and impoverished woman. I appreciated the way Austen slipped in such shocking details, and presented them in a way that two respectable women living in the country would somehow find out about them. Austen brings her usual humor, social satire, and poignancy. She portrays unlikeable gentlemen very well, but also makes some biting remarks on the romantic notions of courtship.