Sabriel (Abhorsen Trilogy Series #1)

Sabriel (Abhorsen Trilogy Series #1) - "Abhorsen" is a really cool concept: a fighter of death. In this story, death is a multilayered universe that only an Abhorsen can access. Death is a living thing, with motives and secrets; it's almost as if death is another character in the story. The tools Sabriel uses are peculiar, also; I thought the variety of bells as weapons--rather than knives or guns--was a welcome change. In that sense, this is definitely one of the most unique fantasy novels I've ever read. However, there were some pet peeve issues. And it has to do with the love interest. Here, there isn't InstaLove. It's more... RandoLove. On page three-hundred, the two characters look at each other and get the "hubbahubba" googly-eyes. These googly-eyes happen in the midst of a violent disaster. Of course. (Message to RandoLove authors: love can strike at other times.) What was really annoying about this is that the plot didn't need a romantic relationship. A LOT is happening in the story, and I was much more invested in that than in an abrupt declaration of love. The deux ex machina ending also disappointed me. The final chapters already felt rushed, but the epilogue tried too hard for a happy ending. Nevertheless, I can only deduct two stars, because the plot was so fascinating.