Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Tell the Wolves I'm Home - This novel broke my heart. It did. The narrator is so incredibly honest, and guides this story so effortlessly. It's safe to say that character development is what made the book for me. No character was simple, or create sentimentally, the struggles that happen in this story were real. June is a lonely, jealous, and grief-stricken protagonist and the effects of that are deeply felt. The writing was also amazing. Even though this is fiction, Brunt makes this book feel like a personal story, and June narrates like someone confessing. In fact, this story was so beautiful that when the ending came, I was really surprised to be jolted from the story. The pacing ramped up way too quickly, and suddenly everything came to a head and ended. I felt like I was dumped out of the story twenty pages before the end. Toby's storyline dropped off and didn't come back until the very end, and even then it seemed a little too sugary-sweet and predictable. The writing became surprisingly impersonal, and I had trouble connecting with June again. Maybe this is just my issue. Apart from the ending, this was an INCREDIBLE novel.